Award Winning Sausages from O'Kane Meats

Award Winning Sausages from O'Kane Meats of ClaudyAll our sausages are made from fresh meats. In the last few years we have seen our sales of sausage triple. We put this down to only one thing: making sure that as well as top quality meats, we put our hearts into the sausages. All year round we sell ten different flavours of sausage, which goes up to about twenty during the bar-b-que season.

  • Pork, Thick & Thin - Award winning, with a mild spice flavour
  • Pork & Leek - A mild tasting sausage with leek given its own kick
  • Garlic - Award winning, with just the right amount of garlic
  • Chicken - Award winning, big favourite with children
  • Honey And Mustard - A Taste with A differents
  • Pork & Cajun - Just the right mix of favours giving a sweet taste
  • Pork & Apple - Pork always go well with apple, this is true this time
  • Low Fat Sausage - All the flavour and still 97% fat free
  • Sweet Chilli & Pork - Two great flavour , what a mix
  • Gluten Free - For people on a gluten free diet