Pork Products from O'Kane Meats

All our pork is bought locally and we receive a fresh delivery five days a week. We are careful to select only the top grades as lesser grades can be fatty, poor tasting and not tender.

Our top pork products:

  • Loin chops - These can be grilled, fried, baked or Bar-B-Qued and will go well with most marinates
  • Pork Fillet - The most tender piece of pork. Very easy cooked
  • Gammon - Leg of pork cured with a secret dry cure, great any time not just Christmas
  • Stuffed Fillet - Fillet with homemade stuffing and apricots
  • Back Bacon - Homemade back that cooks and tastes like bacon really should
  • Stuffed Roast - Loin with homemade stuffing, a family favourite
  • Stuffed Chops - For people who only want a small piece of stuffed pork