Chicken Products from O'Kane Meats

All our chicken are sold fresh, but it is our range of value added chicken that we sell most of.

Some our favourite chicken products:

  • Breast Fillets - Breast of chicken without skin or bone, will make any chicken dish you desire
  • Chicken Escalops - Breaded chicken fillets
  • Goujions of chicken - Strips of tender chicken fillet with a crispy crumb coating
  • Chicken Nuggets - Bite sizes pieces of chicken, always the children's favourite
  • Chicken Maryland - Award winning with our own spices and flavouring
  • Chicken Kiev - Breast fillet with a garlic butter centre
  • Chicken Stir fry - Breast fillet strips marinated in a lemon and coriander sauce
  • Black Peppered Fillets - Breaded fillets with black peppercorns
  • Chicken Teddies - For the children who want something different
  • Stuffed Fillet with bacon - Fillet with homemade stuffing, wrapped in lightly smoked bacon
  • Olives - Leg of chicken boned with homemade stuffing added